Top tips for reducing legal fees in your family law matter

Family law proceedings can become very stressful. The last thing you should be worrying about is exorbitant legal fees. However, your family law fees do not necessarily have to become a burden. We have provided our top 10 tips on ways in which you can keep your legal...Read More

Buying a business?

Some handy hints! So, you have found a business and you have your heart set on buying it. Or maybe you work for a business that looks like it is being sold. Congratulations that’s great news! However, before you rush off to hand over the purchase price or greet the...Read More

Children, contact, travel and Covid-19 vaccinations

An issue between parents can sometimes be vaccination of their children. In this current Covid-19 pandemic, it may be that although a child has been vaccinated with all of the usual childhood vaccines as they fall due and owing, one of the child’s parents may be...Read More


All Articles/Helpful Information Sheets published by SKC Lawyers are intended as general information only and the contents of same do not constitute legal advice. You should obtain specific legal advice regarding your specific circumstances. All rights reserved. SKC...Read More

Superannuation – The Forgotten Matrimonial Asset

When a relationship breaks down there is a lot of emotion and distress attached to making a decision to end that partnership. Whilst most people give thought to whether or not the former matrimonial home will be sold or whether a partner can re-finance and take over...Read More

The Duties Of A Personal Representative

Taking on the role of a Personal Representative of an Estate can be daunting as you try to navigate the life left behind of your loved one. A Personal Representative can be an Executor (also known as a Trustee) who is appointed pursuant to the terms of a Will or an...Read More

Family Law – Parenting Plans V Orders

When parties separate and there are children of the relationship, one of the priority matters to deal with is to ensure that arrangements are put in place for the children of the relationship so that each parent can spend as much time as possible with their children...Read More